8 Ways To Fix The X-Men Franchise After Apocalypse

7) Embrace The Altered Timeline


So we’ve witnessed the birth of the X-Men and discovered the origins of key characters – now what? If Fox is going to take the next X-Men movie into the 90s, then we’ve almost come full circle, back to the time period when Bryan Singer’s original movies were set. And so far it seems the franchise is being taken in an all-too familiar direction: Charles and Erik as frenemies, Scott and Jean as love interests, Wolverine as a lone wolf, and the team consisting of the same core group.

With the timeline altered in Days of Future Past, the X-Men movies don’t need to just repeat everything all over again like this. Fox are in a unique position in that, instead of going over ground already covered, they could completely overhaul the series going forward. They could introduce new versions of old characters, offer fresh dynamics and deliver some real surprises. There’s only so much you can get out of the old storylines – why not shake things up and embrace the altered timeline?