80’s Movies That Hollywood Should Not Remake

Hollywood has a horrible track record at remaking older movies. Achieving one or two successful attempts a year, compared to the dozens that fall flat on their face, is not a passing grade. The majority of remakes have – and will continue to be – a perfect way to butcher a former film’s credibility. Upon further examination, it seems that the majority of remakes come from the most schlocky and progressive decade in film’s history: the 1980’s.

Total Recall, Footloose, The Karate Kid, Fright Night, The Thing, Conan the Barbarian etc. Hollywood consistently tries to recapture a spark that was once lit, during a time where ambitious ideas and large scale spectacles were beginning to fully mesh into a cohesive package. Unfortunately, Hollywood has a hard time remembering it’s 2012 and things work differently now.

80’s movies should be perceived in the same manner as 80’s fashion was; a trend that worked at the time, but shouldn’t be brought back to life now. Hollywood must stop tarnishing an era that provided audiences with so much innovation and charm. That being said, it’s obvious that the onslaught will continue and the assembly line for remakes will still be rolling, but Hollywood should at least find the compassion to leave the following “original” films with their dignity still intact.

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