9 Superhero Films That Are Incredibly Boring

You know, it’s far easier to forgive a bad film than a boring one. Take a creative risk, fail spectacularly, but never settle for the mundane – especially when it comes to superhero films. With such a collection of colorful, bold characters and unique settings, it’s almost a crime to produce a bland superpower-inspired affair.

Sadly, we’ve experienced more than our fair share of zero-energy efforts and we’re likely to encounter a few more in the years ahead. We’re not saying that every film needs to be Citizen Kane, but at least inject some enthusiasm and fun into the damn thing. After all, do you really want to watch a superhero movie that puts you to sleep faster than a Tobey Maguire monologue?

Being your favorite pop-culture website in the whole wide world, we’ve put together a cautionary list of the most boring superhero films to date. Obviously, you’re welcome to agree or disagree with our choices and have your own opinion. In fact, if you enjoyed any or all of these films, more power to you. Just don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

With that out of the way, put on your ugliest Christmas sweater, turn up that Bryan Adams playlist, and join us as we look at the dullest superhero films on the planet. Be warned: we’re taking no prisoners here.