9 Easter Eggs You Need To Look Out For In Doctor Strange


The latest Marvel movie, Doctor Strange, is finally here – and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s another solid, enjoyable entry into the ever reliable Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, there are niggles to be had, but the amazing visuals, the great cast and the unique appeal of a magical superhero more than make up for minor issues. Now, we just have to wait and see if it will be another financial hit for the studio.

It’s most certainly a treat for the Marvel faithful, as it’s packed full of nods and references to a huge range of comics book storylines, characters and concepts. Surprisingly enough, the movie also has numerous pop culture references, perhaps inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy. For example, I bet you didn’t expect an extended reference to Beyonce in a film about arcane mysticism and the multiverse.

So, without further ado, read on for 9 easter eggs from Doctor Strange that you need to look out for. Be warned, though, we’ll be going into full spoiler territory for the film.