9 Easter Eggs You Need To Look Out For In Doctor Strange

7) Night Nurse #2


Speaking of Christine Palmer, there is a little more to her than meets the eye. Rather than just your garden-variety doctor who’s in love with a master of the mystic arts, in the comics Palmer is one of the women to take up the mantle Night Nurse – a private medical professional who treats injured superheroes.

You might have heard that title before as Christine is actually the second version of Night Nurse to be adapted for the MCU. The first is Claire Temple, ally to Matt Murdock, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage in the Netflix shows. It’s not yet known if Christine will graduate to Night Nurse status, though Claire is very close to doing so on TV.

Furthermore, Strange and Palmer’s colleague is Nick, a surgeon who Stephen taunts for not being as good as him. As played by Michael Stuhlbarg, the character is credited under his full name as Nicodemus West. Once again, West was a character who prominently featured in The Oath. Just as in the movie, he operated on Strange after his car accident. However, in the comics, he also follows Stephen to Kamar-Taj and is trained by The Ancient One in the mystic arts.