9 Great Directors Who Could Really Use A Career Boost


An old saying from Hollywood goes, “You’re only as good as your last picture.” That is sometimes the case for rising filmmakers hoping to break into the business and looking for financial security for their next project. If their prior work was a flop, a studio is less likely to be interested in supporting their new endeavor. However, once he or she is established as a master director, the film industry is more willing to give them a chance, even if their most recent effort (or efforts) were duds. Although it can be a sleazy town, Hollywood is better at offering actors and filmmakers a second chance than most give it credit for.

For several major directors, though, things are not looking so sunny. Filmmakers who were once the toast of the town now receive instant scorn when their movies disappoint, either critically, commercially or both. Several of the finest directors who have ever worked in moviemaking are going through dreadful career slumps, unable to capture the zest and feeling of their earlier works. They choose to steer rickety ships, picking screenplays (or, worse, writing those scripts) that would be hard for even the most masterful artist to correct course.

Since the autumn is the time of year that attracts many of the most distinguished directors to release their latest projects, We Got This Covered is taking a look at nine filmmakers who really need a good film to push them back into the upper echelon of Hollywood hitters. Some of the directors on this list even have promising projects coming out later this year or in 2015, so that boost could come soon. For the rest, though, here’s hoping they find some creative inspiration before their reputation is sullied even further.