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9 Important Moments From The Doctor Strange Trailer

Amongst the surefire superhero hits coming out this year like Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (wait, scratch that last one), Doctor Strange – like Deadpool before it – is more of a riskier move. The idea of introducing magic into the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be too much and derail, if not the whole franchise, then that specific movie.

9) Benedict Cumberbatch’s Accent


Though the character is American in the comics, many thought that Benedict Cumberbatch’s take on Stephen Strange would be a Brit, owing to the actor’s own nationality. Thanks to a clip in the trailer, however, we know that Doctor Strange will indeed be from the US.

So, how is Cumberbatch’s accent? In 2015’s Black Mass, Cumberbatch played someone from Boston – and was criticized for his accent. He was also Johnny Depp’s brother in the film, but we can forgive that one (when do movie siblings ever look alike?).

Here, though, it sounds like he’s got a good hold on the voice. Granted, we didn’t hear much of him, but it seems he’s using a gruff, lower register for the character, which works well.

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