9 Superhero Movies From The 1990s That You Should Revisit


We’re enjoying such a glut of superhero films right now – with everything from cinematic mainstays like Batman and Spider-Man to lesser-known properties like Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange. As such, it’s hard to remember the less-populated years of the 1990s, where putting a costumed crusader in your movie wasn’t a surefire success.

But remember them we should, as that decade actually produced a number of underrated superhero films that are still worth re-watching even in today’s superhero saturated climate. Movie producers and cinema goers weren’t so comfortable with overt comic book elements back then, so most of the movies are pulp fiction throwbacks or neo-noir efforts, with rarely a fully-fledged supervillain in sight. However, that just adds to the charm of these earlier efforts in the genre.

So, without further ado, these are our choices for nine superhero movies from the 1990s that you should definitely revisit at some point. If you have any other underrated favourites that we haven’t mentioned, leave them in the comments section below.