9 Superhero Movies From The 1990s That You Should Revisit


9) Batman Returns (1992)

Let’s start with a 1990s superhero flick that does still get talked about, by virtue of it being part of the Batman franchise. This follow-up to 1989’s Batman is probably most known for splitting fans right down the middle. Some love its gothic tone and psychologically-layered characters, while others bemoan the lack of a strong plot or the fact that Batman himself is sidelined.

All that being said, you should still give this one a re-watch, as it stands as the most gorgeous-looking Batman film ever – set in a wintry Gotham, Tim Burton fills the screen with his usual eye-popping imagery. With its freakish manchild version of the Penguin and a Catwoman supernaturally granted nine lives, it’s not exactly faithful to the comics, but it is a brave and unique take on the Bat-mythos. Plus, Michelle Pfieffer’s psychotic/sultry Catwoman is one of the best female characters in all of superhero cinema.

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