9 Things You May Not Know About Avengers: Infinity War


It seemed like the time would never come, but the granddaddy of all Marvel events is happening next year. Yes, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will finally take on the Mad Titan, Thanos, in Avengers: Infinity War. In what’s shaping up to be Marvel’s most expensive production to date and one that features over 60 characters, this film looks set to be every comic book fan’s dream come to life. Heck, it might even end up being every movie fan’s dream in the flesh.

Naturally, we’re keeping our eyes closely on things and so much info has already leaked out about what we can expect from this ensemble affair. It’s a little difficult to keep track of everything though, since quite often rumors run as facts and there’s too much confusion around it all.

Being your one-stop site for all things movie-related, then, we’ve identified the important things you should know about Avengers: Infinity War, so consider this your own personal pocket guide to the superhero extravaganza. If we’ve missed a major point or there’s something else you’d like to add, please do drop us a comment with your thoughts.

With that out of the way, sound Alan Silvestri’s music and take hold of Mjolnir (because you’re all worthy), as we look at everything we know about Avengers: Infinity War so far.