A DC comic book sells out after Zack Snyder posts picture of a turkey

zack snyder

There’s a massive number of DCEU fans who worship at the altar of Zack Snyder, and many of them will continue to actively rebel against the franchise unless the filmmaker is restored to his former position as the architect of the superhero shared universe.

It feels as though Snyder trends almost every other day, which is probably because that isn’t too far wide of the mark, but the latest development in the never-ending SnyderVerse saga is a bizarre one to say the least. The Army of the Dead director posted an image and video on Vero, which revealed his Thanksgiving turkey to the world.

While that’s hardly the stuff dreams are made of, a copy of DC’s Absolute Final Crisis was perched strategically in the background, and it went viral in seconds. To top it all off, so many of his supporters have sought out a copy of the comic book for themselves that it’s sold out on many online retailers.

The diehards are taking it as another sign that Snyder is on his way back to the DCEU, but it could just as easily be nothing more than a deliberate attempt to generate even more fervor, especially when he knows that he’s got every single person that’s ever tweeted #RestoreTheSnyderVerse in the palm of his hand.