A forgotten ‘Captain America: Civil War’ loose end may finally have been solved

A promotional image shows Iron Man, Black Widow and others facing off against Captain America and his faction
Image via Marvel Studios

The MCU has prompted many unanswered questions in its four-phase run, especially serious head-scratchers like ‘who is NoobMaster69?’ — an age-old debate that finally received its answer very recently. Now, u/maxsdo has sparked an intellectual discussion on Reddit, by posing the question: “Who flushed coffee grounds down the garbage disposal in Captain America: Civil War?” Within the post, u/maxsdo lists — in detail — the potential suspects and their individual motives.

Closing out the Captain America trilogy, Captain America: Civil War surpassed the entire theatrical gross of its predecessor, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and became the highest-grossing film of 2016. To round off the insightful post, u/maxsdo added, “Please let me know who you think it is” to provide food for thought for fellow Reddit users — who have since weighed in on their own thoughts.

“I feel like this is obviously Vision. He was also trying to cook stuff for Wanda in this movie and I’m not sure it went very well at all either. He’s clearly still learning his way around the kitchen,” one user wrote. Many fellow Redditors seemed to agree; comments in the same thread wrote, “Vision was my guess too. He’s still learning everything,” and “Agreed. He also doesn’t understand social etiquette, for instance phasing through the wall because the door was open.”

u/maxsdo on Reddit

Other commenters pointed fingers towards Wanda Maximoff, who — as a foreigner — would be less likely to understand the mechanics of garbage disposal in more technologically (and socially) advanced cities than Sokovia. One Reddit user said, “Wanda is the least likely to be familiar with garbage disposals and their restrictions. Furthermore, during this time she’s basically being ‘kept like a prisoner’, she’s miserable about her brother’s death, and is absolutely the most likely to not give two s***s about her billionaire former-arms-dealer semi-jailer’s fancy kitchen sink bulls**t. But she absolutely wants some damn coffee.”

Another comment made a very valid point about American culture as opposed to the lesser-developed Sokovians: “It’s probably Wanda. Wanda grew up in Sokovia, a European country. Garbage disposals are illegal in much of Europe and uncommon even where they are legal, so she had probably never seen one before moving to America.”

Other names have been tossed around, particularly Pepper Potts — in a fit of retaliation against Stark — or “Rhodey” — who has a playful ‘sibling’ dynamic with Tony and would enjoy ‘messing’ with him. Interestingly, another comment accused Tony Stark himself, who dumped the coffee grounds in a drunken stupor after brewing the coffee in a half-hearted attempt to sober up.

Regardless of who the culprit was, the theories are thoroughly entertaining to read. Check out the full thread for yourselves and perhaps share a different perspective.