Aaron Taylor-Johnson Reportedly In Talks To Return As Quicksilver

QuickSilver in Age of Ultron

Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver may have only made one appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but he remains a notable presence in the mythology as one of the very few major characters to have been killed off and actually managed to stay that way, a rarity when the franchise is so fond of resurrection.

Of course, for a while it looked as though Evan Peters would be filling the void after showning up in WandaVision. Most fans expected him to be confirmed as the multiverse’s Pietro Maximoff, having been brought back to some kind of life by Scarlet Witch’s loosening grasp on her powers, but the finale revealed him to be Ralph Bohner all along and a mere pawn in Agatha Harkness’ nefarious scheme.

QuickSilver in Age of Ultron

Naturally, the conclusion to Peters’ arc felt rushed to the extent that there could be more to Ralph than meets the eye, and the actor has already been linked with a return to the MCU somewhere down the line. However, the latest rumor claims that Taylor-Johnson could also be on his way back as the silver-haired speedster, which certainly wouldn’t come as a surprise if it were to happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Based on WandaVision‘s second post-credits scene, we can guess that the plot of the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel is set to follow Scarlet Witch tearing the very fabric of reality apart as she looks to uncover a timeline where her children are both real and safe, so there’s no reason why she couldn’t find a pocket of the MCU where Taylor-Johnson’s Quicksilver is alive and well, too, one that would continue the emotional journey she’s been on since we first met the twins seven years ago.