Is J. J. Abrams Apologizing For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Already?


With the vast majority of the footage from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con finding its way – whether officially or otherwise – onto the internet, more fans than ever have had the chance to experience the latest and greatest previews for the hottest upcoming movies. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the more forthcoming channels of information was in regards to what’s likely to be this year’s biggest film: Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The impending continuation of the iconic Star Wars franchise is something that has been richly discussed since before it was even announced. Once the news dropped that none other than Star Trek‘s own J. J. Abrams was at the helm, the speculation around the new trilogy flew into overdrive.


Many fans were skeptical at first, but a solid debut trailer and a very promising cast – including the original trilogy’s stars, of course – started to turn things around in Abrams’ favour. Now, with the film less than six months from its big release, fans have been granted a detailed look behind the scenes.

The nearly four minutes of footage that debuted at Comic-Con took viewers behind the camera and onto the vast new sets where Abrams and his team have been working tirelessly to create something not realized in the recent history of Star Wars. The nostalgia and emotion in the trailer is palpable, with cast members new and old all heard talking about their experiences on the set. Each one adds more and more to the heartwarming atmosphere and, unsurprisingly, this new trailer has proved to be a big hit since its debut.