10 Actors Who Could Play Incredible Versions Of The Joker


The Joker might just be the best villain in all of fiction. I know that is a stretch, and some people may have some issues with that statement, but think about it. From his first appearance in the comics, to his debut on the campy show, to his most recent representation by the late Heath Ledger, he is a wildly varying villain.

He can be played for laughs, he can be played for scares and he can dance on that razor wire between the two. Really, they can go in any direction they want the next time they cast him. You KNOW we will be seeing a new Joker if we are getting a new Batman. Though the Ben Affleck (as Batman) and Jesse Eisenberg (as Lex Luthor) casting has thrown many of us off, it has also lead people to speculate about the direction this new series will go in once they finally end up casting a new Joker.

Will we see the Joker in Batman V Superman? No, probably not. I think it is safe to say they will save him for Batfleck’s first solo outing. But with all the weird casting in place so far, why don’t we do some speculating of our own here for a moment?

A few of these choices will seem insane, and a few of them will be way too cool to actually happen in real life. But either way, it’s safe to say that any of the people I choose as candidates for the next Batman movie will not be any weirder than some of the casting that has already taken place.

So, on that note, here are 10 actors that I think would bring some magical things to the role of the Clown Prince of Crime.

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  1. Another actor that I always thought would make a good Joker is Ben Foster. His acting in Hostage, Alpha Dog and 3:10 To Yuma really sold me on this.

    1. Remy Carreirosays:

      HUGE fan of Foster. GREAT call. He was sick in Hostage and could carry that over.

      1. TraceElementssays:

        Johnny Depp. ’nuff said!

      2. Max T.says:

        Ehhh I think the audience has seen enough of Johnny over the past 10 yrs to last us a lifetime. Don’t get me wrong, I love Johnny. But I think most people feel he just does the same thing every time. He always makes it entertaining, IMO. He was good in Tusk, which not many people know about nor are they aware that he’s even in the movie.

      3. Tinwoodssays:

        Yes, enough said… no. Too obvious and most (or at least many) of us are tired of watching his annual turn as some cartoon nut in a movie.

      4. Max T.says:

        He’s great when he’s playing a villain. 3:10 to Yuma really showed how well he can play a bad guy. Did not see Alpha Dog so I can’t comment on that. I did see him in Hostage and thought he did an ok job as “the guy who turns on everybody”. But there were parts where he got unnecessarily soft, and he just lost the soul behind that character. Just didn’t come off well. To me anyway.

  2. Jennifer Bunchsays:

    Another actor that I think might be good is Kim Coates (Tig) from “Sons of Anarchy”. Sounds like a weird choice at first, but think about it. We know he can do crazy.

  3. Actually a very well thought out article. I’m not really sold on Gyllenhall but its his list. I’m with him tho, on the Daniel Day Lewis. How fantastic would that guy be??? He would be amazing as the Joker. I love the Sam Rockwell choice too. That would be an excellent choice. In the vein of the more sadistic Joker, Tom Hiddleston would be fantastic. That grin would be haunting. Both Jack and Heath were able to make us forget that they were mega stars, and they were just Joker. So why not let some mega stars have fun with becoming completely unhinged maniacs? How about giving Leo DiCaprio go nuts with the role? He could pull it off. Or even Mel Gibson, John Malkovich, or Bradley Cooper? Thats the real trick to playing the Joker. Making us forget that they are actors, and making us ONLY see the Joker. In my mind there is NO more desirable role!

    1. Max T.says:

      I think Tom Hiddleston is a over-rated. He’s ok as Loki. But all that I’ve seen of him has not impressed me that much. But it’s still very early in his career so ya never know, he could surprise us with something golden.

  4. watsays:

    Whoa. Great call with McConaughey.

  5. Jason Pryorsays:

    There’s an actor I have always thought would make a great Joker. He’s a little older now, but would do a great job. Before you guys dismiss him, think of his smile and some of his darker roles. Ready? Dennis Quaid.

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      Dennis is a good actor, but what sort of ‘darker’ roles are we talking about, here? He has never played a villain before.

      1. Max T.says:

        He did play Doc Holiday in Wyatt Earp. Technically not a villain but it most definitely is dark!

    2. Max T.says:

      I would love to see him as The Joker. He’s a solid actor who unfortunately has become very under-rated due to the fact that he’s dropped off the radar for so many years. But every once in awhile I’ll see him in a movie and I always say to myself “WHY doesn’t this guy do more films?? He’s great!” He’s got a certain devilish charm about him that I think would serve The Joker very well!

      If he combined his role as Doc Holiday (Wyatt Earp) with his role as Jerry Lee Lewis (Great Balls of Fire) it would create one very entertaining Joker and it would make for a very engaging performance. I would gladly stand in line and fork over $10 to see that.

  6. Ramasezsays:

    I always thought McConaughey would make a great Riddler (Todays version of The Riddler) with the way he sounded on True Detectives.

  7. RAGEsays:

    i think willem dafoe would be a perfect joker he even looks like him!

    1. monstersays:

      I always thought that too

    2. wordaddictsays:

      I might agree if he hadn’t already been Green Goblin.

      1. UNCARING1says:

        Who cares? Green Goblin is Marvel and Joker is DC. Different universe.

      2. I think the point is more that you’d be casting him for a far too similar role: an insane guy with a love of purple and green who laughs a lot. Also, the reason he springs to mind for both parts is the same: he looks ghoulish.

      3. Tinwoodssays:

        Marvel and DC will not cross pollinate, so them — that’s who cares.

      4. Johnthonysays:

        What are you talking about? Ryan Reynolds was in green goblin and Xmen…

      5. Wylie Richardsonsays:

        I think you mean “Green Lantern”, not “Goblin”.

    3. Kevinsays:


    4. Chris Blanksays:

      “Dane Dehaan” looks Exactly like the joker

  8. Wireheddsays:

    I pretty much disagree with all but maybe Glover would be a better Riddler while the Joker would be best played by Adrian Brody. Just my opinion.

  9. Dawctor Kriegersays:

    Damnit, if Daniel Day-Lewis would sign on to play the joker all would be right with the world. Peace would break out around the world, hope would replace hopelessness, and everyone would just be more excited about life in general. It’s simple; no matter what the problem or tragedy of the day is, we could always say: “Yeah, that’s terrible. But you know what? Things will work out…..Daniel Day-Lewis is going to play the Joker.”

  10. Just saying...says:

    Daniel Day-Lewis is not “the greatest American method actor alive”, because he is British, you fool!

  11. monstersays:

    i always thought ray liota would make a good joker from his performance in goodfellas but hes to old now

  12. Has anyone ever thought of carrot top the comedian–He’s naturally got his own body self images. He’s naturally funny–if you like his comedy, He’s naturally crazy. He’s got orange/red hair and wears make-up. He can’t stop talking and is very egotistical. He could be the perfect left field/dark horse Joker

  13. Guttssays:

    What ??? No Adrian Brody ?

  14. Dave Endsorsays:

    Daniel Day-Lewis is dual British-Irish, not American…

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      What does that have to do with anything? Didn’t DDL just win an Oscar for playing US President Abe Lincoln?

      1. George Oscar Bluth Jr. or Gobsays:

        DDL is an British Actor not a lowly American Actor…. You Yanks need to realise some of the best actors in the world are NOT american.

      2. Andrew Arnoldsays:

        Yes, *some* of the best actors in the world are NOT American, just most of them.

      3. jaymosays:

        Are you insane most of the best actors in the world are Brits and Australians get your head out of your ass

      4. Tinwoodssays:

        You mean the like the “lowly Americans” who kicked your asses in our American Revolution and the ones who saved your ass from Hitler? Those lowly American, you British arsewipe?

      5. Jai Sinssays:

        Wasn’t that like a hundred years ago? What have you done lately besides start wars you can’t finish? I’ll wait.

      6. Gotzsays:

        Well, it is an error and it should be corrected. However, a lot of Americans do realize this. The popularity of foreign films of all types is only increasing. Try not to stereotype Americans too hard or perhaps I’ll begin to call the prized stigma of British tact and civility out in kind. Of course, that wouldn’t be fair to the British either.

      7. Wyeucasays:

        It has to do with anything because the article says that he is the “greatest American method actor alive” and he is not an American.

      8. Wylie Richardsonsays:

        Sorry, my bad!

  15. King3305says:

    I’m sure someone’s already mentioned this but… Daniel Day Lewis is Irish.

  16. Fernando Fidel Floressays:

    Joaquin Phoenix

    1. Bryansays:

      Watching Joaquin Phoenix in “The Master,” all I could think of was what a great Joker he would be.

  17. DrZanzsays:

    Most of these are good choices but if anyone has any sensibility there won’t be another Joker in film for a good few years yet. Heath’s Joker is still in people’s minds too much to compete with.

  18. Mjrrisksays:

    Putting all the antics from “Jackass” aside, I think Johnny Knoxville could pull off a decent Joker

  19. Chrissays:

    Tom Cavanagh would be my choice.

  20. Mr. Tophatsays:

    Daniel Day Lewis is not an American actor…

  21. Strangersays:

    Tom Hiddleston should be on this list.

  22. Buzzsays:

    The guy from the first purge would be a perfect psycho joker

  23. UNCARING1says:

    The next JOKER should be Tom Hiddleston. This is a no brainer.

  24. Wildbill93says:

    Sam Rockwell could definitely do it! Wild Bill from the Green Mile is about as close to a ‘real life’ joker as you could get minus the southern accent

  25. Gilbert B.says:

    Andrew Scott.

  26. Glavinsays:

    Ha ha. When did Daniel Day-Lewis become American? I guess he really is a method actor.

  27. Tomsays:

    I’ve been a strong believer for the past couple of years the next joker should be WALTON GOGGINS… If you haven’t seen his role as Boyd Crowder on Justified you’re missing out on something amazing, chilling yet hilariously bat shit crazy funny at the same time.

    1. confusedguysays:

      Ya I’m totally with you. He IS justified (the show ;p) for me. I like other parts of the show but if Walton wasn’t around I would have bailed a long time ago. Ever see his cross dressing character in Sons of Anarchy lol or his character shane vendrell on The Shield? The guy is great. He’s even got the perfect thin and lanky but fit look that would fit the joker.

  28. Swelshysays:

    You really lose credibility when you make a mistake like “greatest American method actor alive” for a British-Irish actor. Still I suppose it adds weight to the argument if he has fooled you into thinking he really is american

  29. Jokersays:

    Joel Mchale.

  30. Joe Gleixnersays:

    Joaquin Phoenix.

  31. Pinterestsays:

    What about Leonardo DiCaprio? he played many ‘crazy’ character, I think he could play joker well

  32. bonjonavichIIIsays:

    Jon Simm. that is all

  33. Akirasays:

    Crispin Glover definitely

  34. johnsays:

    Johnny Depp..he has the face

  35. Dave TurtleJack Whitesays:

    Really excellent choices!

  36. IronBuddhasays:

    It’s too soon for another Joker. They could hire the perfect person, and he can do an excellent job playing it. But most people won’t except it.
    As for your choices, I’m not convinced Sharlto Copley could do Joker. He was good in District 9, but I don’t think he was as good in Elysium. Also I’ve never heard him do an American accent. In those movies he keeps his regular South African accent. I’d have to hear his American accent before thinking he can pull it off or not.

    1. ContentedSkysays:

      Watch Copley in The A-Team movie.

    2. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      Why would people ‘not accept (sp!) it’? Loyalty to Heath? He was great in the role, but it would make little sense to retire the character, just because the last actor to play him passed on. Note how many actors have played James Bond, even tho Sean Connery is widely considered the ideal actor in that role.

      1. IronBuddhasays:

        People look at Heath’s performance as godly. Doesn’t matter how well the next guy does with it. The majority will most likely bash it.
        Me personally even though I think Heath did a great job, I’d love to see someone else play it. I’m not saying retire the Joker, but I think the movie studios won’t touch the character for a long time knowing the backlash it’ll get.

  37. Corey Thomassays:

    What? No mention of Adrien Brody? That guy would be PERFECT and he can act.

  38. JasOn Vusays:

    i think same rockwell doesn;t make a good joker, but does make a good james gordon.

    1. Colonel_Neville_Wraithchildsays:

      man, same rockwell can play insane roles to perfection; his work on the green mile still gives me the chills….

  39. Jaysays:

    What about Tom Hiddleston (Loki from Thor)??? He is the joker!!!

    1. Max T.says:

      He’s over-rated. He needs to prove himself more. And he’s not that great as Loki…he’s just ok.

  40. Nathansays:

    what about Javier Bardem?

  41. Dansays:

    Anyone remember American Psycho….. yeaaaaaaaa you see where I’m going with this!

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      Um, exactly where are you going with this? Christian Bale was the lead in that, and he would be an odd choice to cast as the Joker, for obvious reasons.

      1. Max T.says:

        I think Dan is a little out of touch with reality…lol.

  42. Clark Kentsays:

    I just wish someone would make a Batman movie with Killer Croc as the main villain instead of the Joker. I mean a horror/superhero movie have not been produced yet (except in cartoon where Batman battles Dracula). I mean aside from Bane and perhaps Slade Wilson, Croc is the only other guy who can go mano e mano with the bats…

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      Perhaps, but even with Killer Croc as the villain, it would be your basic “Superhero Vs. Villain” picture, not a combo “Superhero / horror” flick. Case in point: was the last Spider-man flick called a ‘horror’ movie, just because the villain was a giant man-lizard?

  43. Seansays:

    Terrible list besides Matty, I would put Billy Bob Thornton all day then Johnny Depp, and Edward Norton

  44. Terrible Tsays:

    Michael Fassbender would be perfect in my opinion. Young Magneto.

  45. TheManFromLolliLandsays:

    Aaron Paul is my top choice

  46. J242says:

    I’m surprised no one has thought to include Adrien Brody as a contender. His role in “High School” is delightfully unhinged and he is definitely a very good emotional and physical actor.

  47. Scott Carrollsays:

    Jesus, those choices are all terrible.

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      Then who would you suggest, Scott? Impress us with your insight!

      1. Scott Carrollsays:

        Someone mentioned Adrien Brody a little further down. He’s got the look and the acting chops to pull it off.

  48. Rob Teksays:

    worst list ever

  49. Not a bad list, other than Copley. He’s been awful in everything I’ve seen him in since District 9. From Elysium to Maleficient to Oldboy, he seems like he’s trying to do the chameleon thing ala Gary Oldman, but his acting is so bad it outs him every time.

    My pick would be Rockwell. He’s probably the single most under-appreciated actor working in Hollywood

    1. Max T.says:

      Hey Bitter Critic, don’t be so bitter!

  50. Nice Marmotsays:

    DDLewis as an older Joker in an adaptation of Dark Knight Returns would be EPIC.

    McConaughey would be a good choice too.

    If he had the balls to play a twisted villain, Tom Cruise could pull it off.

  51. MadMike R5D4says:

    What about Michael Pitt? Check out his performance in the U.S. remake of Funny Games, not to mention his take on the role of Mason Verger on NBC’s “Hannibal” TV series. He can do twisted and disturbing like nobody’s business.

  52. lizardatparkssays:

    Mel Gibson is pretty psychotic

    1. Adam Siegelsays:

      They want someone that acts that way not someone that IS that way.

      1. lizardatparkssays:

        Ya that is so true. lol

      2. Max T.says:

        Is that distinction really necessary though? I mean he’s been playing psychotic/wild roles since the 80’s so people might actually be expecting that from him.

  53. Troy Adamsonsays:

    I’ve been saying it for some time now…Jim Parsons. Something about that guy is already a little on the strange side, and his mannerisms and acting style would compliment the Joker in a way no one else could.

    1. Adam Siegelsays:

      Id see him more as the Riddler for some reason.

  54. Himsays:

    Even though he is a little older I think Tim Curry would be the perfect joker. He has the laugh, the grin, and full of the joker charisma. He even was going to be the voice of joker in the Batman animated series but they gave the role to Mark Hamill because Curry’s voice would be too recognizable since he was a big actor at the time.

  55. SocialMediaAnarchistsays:

    Did anyone ever consider the Dexter’s Michael C. Hall?

  56. T Gentrysays:

    The first suggestion is Matthew McConaughey? Saves me time, no possible reason to read further.

    1. Lisasays:

      I know! I thought this list is already a joke.

      1. Tinwoodssays:

        “Was” already a joke, grammar queen. And not much of an imagination on you if you can’t picture most (if not all) of these suggestions as viable.

      2. Lisasays:

        Oh Tinwoods- the presence of quotation marks indicates a thought in the present tense; therefore my grammar is correct. But hey- you gave it a good try. Congrats!

      3. Lisasays:

        Ah Tinwoods. The use of quotation marks indicates a thought in present tense therefore my grammar is correct. I’ll take the crown though because I’m choosing to take your “Grammar Queen” as a compliment. You did try to be funny and snarky so I give you props for that!

    2. Max T.says:

      Way to keep an open mind. Anyone who doesn’t continue to finish an article or list till the end, doesn’t deserve to have an opinion. Close minded people should just STFU and keep their ill-informed opinions to themselves.

      That includes you too Lisa.

      1. T Gentrysays:

        You’re right Max, I think that they should remake Casablanca with Astin Kutcher as Rick and Lindsay Lohan as Elsa. I hope you give my idea serious consideration.

      2. Tinwoodssays:

        Dumb comeback.

      3. Lisasays:

        Don’t you love so when you disagree with someone, you don’t deserve an opinion. Open mind, huh?

  57. confusedguysays:

    Sharlto Copley is one I never would have thought of but man he was the best part of elysium. He was the only reason I even remember that movie at all. He would make a great joker. I always prefer lesser known actors who can disappear into the role vs. say Jack Nicholson where I could never not stop seeing Jack Nicholson with face paint.

  58. Keir Nicollsays:

    Daniel Day Lewis is English you chode

  59. doitinprivateontwittersays:

    Burn Gorman ftw

  60. Adam Siegelsays:

    Since Batman is “older” joker has to be older. Why not get it over with and cast Mark Hamil?

    1. RaCamsays:

      I think that would be cool to see him in a non-Star Wars role in a mainstream movie and I definitely think he could pull it off convincingly.

    2. Max T.says:

      Only thing he has down is the voice. But look wise, he is no where near The Joker. They’d have to do one serious makeup job in order to pull that off.

  61. Adam Siegelsays:

    … or Steve Buscemi

  62. Use Cate Blanchett, she’d be great. As always.

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      But why cast a woman in that role? You might argue that she played Dylan in that “I’m Not There” movie, and she was good in that, but that was really more of an experimental movie, wherein something like two dozen actors played Dylan at various points. Would that same approach work for a Batman flick? And what about the Joker screams “female” to you? I am just curious.

      1. I said she’d be good. Specifically her. Her strange sinister performance in “Hanna” shows she has postential for this kind of role.

        I didn’t say the Joker is **really really supposed** to be a woman, but if you push me I’d say you might as well randomly pick a gender (or allow anyone to audition) every time you need a different actor for these remakes.

      2. Wylie Richardsonsays:

        But what would be the point, really? If casting wildly against type is so effective, then it would the norm. Why isn’t it?

  63. Alex Stockwellsays:

    My choice for the Joker is Walton Goggins.

    Coincidentally, you listed my choices for Mad Hatter(Glover), Nightwing(Gyllenhaal), Captain Boomerang(Copley), and Doctor Light(Rockwell).

  64. Chris Alkiresays:

    How about Gary Oldman or Christopher Walken?

    1. Max T.says:

      From Jim Gordon to The Joker??? You think people would be ok with him transferring roles like that? I don’t think they would. Me being one of them.

      As far as Walken goes…I dunno. To me, he’s way too refined of an actor to play a role like that. Maybe in his early days he could’ve done it. But not now.

      1. Chris Alkiresays:

        What about a Joker set way in the future as an older man? I think Walken could pull it off. I never said Oldman SHOULD, I just said he COULD.

  65. undergroundrailroadtrainsays:

    I thought Daniel Day-Lewis was British

  66. Sharlto Copley would be a terrifying version of the Joker.

  67. Linda B. Williamssays:

    Rockwell. Wouldn’t have thought of him, but yeah – he’s amazing. Although Crispin Glover has a great facial structure that would enhance any makeup. And he’s got *that* kind of voice…

  68. The Punishersays:

    Wrong on all counts. Get a cool but crazy looking skinny tall guy and have Mark Hamill dub the voice. Done.

  69. Prometheussays:

    I could see maybe Glover … but a number of these guys are probably too old to play the role, unless it’s going to be an older Batman too. I have nothing against any of these actors, they all have plenty of great work … but I don’t see any of them in the role. For a really great Joker, I think you have to get outside of the current bevy of leading men in Hollywood. Find someone unexpected that doesn’t have baggage with them. Ledger was great because he got so far outside of himself to play the role … but I’m not convinced you could get lightening to strike twice like that.

  70. MD92468says:

    Gaspard Ulliel…

    1. Guestsays:

      Played a young Hannibal, so he definitely has the dark side down…and the face…

  71. Josh Bartonsays:

    Rhys Wakefield. Look at him in the Purge and add facepaint and green hair!

  72. Lance Speronisays:

    Your list sucks. The only one I even remotely agree with is Gyllenhall and its only because Donnie Darko and Source Code are some of my favorite films. Crispin Glover? Get outta here.

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      In an ironic twist, Jake actually screen-tested for Batman in “Batman Begins”, before the role went to Christian Bale.

  73. Chris Blanksays:

    I think “Dane Dehaan” can make the BEST joker

  74. Miss Raritysays:

    Robin Williams would be the perfect Joker. He’s dead, just like Health Ledger.

  75. I think Jim Carrey would have made a pretty good version of the Joker. First time I really saw it was his Fire Marshall Bill character from In Living Color. It was slightly creepy. You could see it a little bit in The Mask, but that would be a little too zany. He did play The Riddler but that was over the top. But a nice mix of all of those would make a pretty fun Joker. He’s done some serious roles so he could pull off the sinister these days if he tried.

  76. Prince Holdersays:

    Edward Norton is the only actor that can almost make us forget Heath as the Joker

  77. Prince Holdersays:

    Edward Norton can make almost forget Heath as the Joker

  78. Guestsays:

    I disagree with every single one of these pics. So generic.

  79. Dash Wilkinsonsays:

    I disagree with every single one of these picks. So generic.

    1. Wylie Richardsonsays:

      Not sure what you mean by ‘generic’. Are there really ‘generic’ actors, as opposed to generic movies / TV shows? “Generic roles”, I could understand. But what makes an ACTOR “generic”?

  80. Larry Fenixsays:

    Crispin Glover has been the obvious perfect choice for years now. Someone needs to capitalize on it.

  81. VinceP98says:

    Of those options, I’d say Crispin Glover is ideal. Even his outsider status in Hollywood would bring something to the character. I think he’d probably be down for it, too, as a means to his own ends with independent films. He is the anti-Affleck (not a knock on Ben, I think he’s going to own Batman/Bruce Wayne as no other actor before him has) but he needs Affleck-types so he has a structure to be against. Sort of the way Joker needs Batman to “complete him”.

  82. Gotzsays:

    Hmm, actually some very good suggestions. Maybe we should be thinking about the future more in this issue since the Joker is a very important part of the Batverse. I would say to the extent that it is hard to picture Batman without him in the mix. Everyone put Nicholson on a pedestal as the end all be all of Jokerness and then Ledger took his place. Maybe it is time to give someone else a chance so long as they put as much work into the casting as you did in suggestions. If the worst we get is a good performance and the further inclusion of Joker I would call it a win in my book.

  83. Ben Mosssays:

    Christopher Waltz or Quentin Tarrantino would be great.

  84. Archuletasays:

    Wliiem DaFoe. Forget Sam Raimi’s Spiderman, and start thinking Boondock Saints Dafoe

  85. philsays:

    THIS LIST IS SHIT! There is only one man who should play the joker and that man is TROY BAKER

  86. Jai Sinssays:

    People fail to realize the madness that is the Joker. He was a homicidal maniac and Ledger brought that to the screen perfectly.

  87. Wylie Richardsonsays:

    Even if that is true, that would be more the fault of the film-MAKERS, not Heath. And I would point to “Brokeback Mountain” as solid evidence of his talent – the reason he was offered the role in the first place.

  88. Aside from Matthew, this is a pretty great list. Ledger was phenomenal, never thought someone would beat Jack, but…

  89. DrZanzsays:

    His joker was for a darker world and I think within the confines of the film universe he fit perfectly. If you didn’t get or enjoy any of the dark comedy he brought to the role then that’s more your fault than Heath’s, I personally thought he was hilarious.

    Regardless of opinion and whether his death has anything to do with it, the fact of my statement remains – People will think of Heath’s joker for a long time when the character is mentioned.

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