Adam Sandler Fails To Crack Netflix’s Top 10 Movies Of 2020

Adam Sandler

Throughout his career, Adam Sandler has always been critically bulletproof, with his movies earning billions of dollars at the box office despite the overwhelming majority of them being widely dismissed by reviewers. If anything, the actor’s popularity has only increased since he made Netflix the home of Happy Madison Productions, and he’s now regarded as the jewel in the streaming service’s crown.

After all, any title with Sandler’s name on it is guaranteed to dominate the Top 10 most-watched list almost as soon as it gets added to the content library, even if he doesn’t appear on the screen. For instance, The Wrong Missy saw regular collaborator David Spade take center stage, but the reliability of the Happy Madison brand meant that it drew in over 50 million viewers in the first four weeks it was available.

However, in what has to be a major upset, The Sandman has failed to feature in the ranking of Netflix’s ten most popular movies of 2020, which is based on the amount of cumulative time the films in question spent in the Top 10. While his most recent effort, Hubie Halloween, may have been another unqualified success, it could only reach eleventh spot, and you can check out the list in question for yourself down below.

  1. 365 Days
  2. Enola Holmes
  3. The Christmas Chronicles Part 2
  4. Holidate
  5. The Old Guard
  6. The Social Dilemma
  7. Project Power
  8. The Kissing Booth 2
  9. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run
  10. Extraction
  11. Hubie Halloween

Of course, this is hardly going to have Netflix reaching for the panic button when five of the movies above Hubie are among the ten most-watched originals that the company has ever produced. Not to mention that in terms of consistency, there isn’t a talent or property out there who can come close to matching Adam Sandler‘s continued dominance of the world’s most popular platform. Still, it does go to show that subscribers are more than willing to broaden their horizons given that the top end of the list contains a terrible erotic thriller, an action blockbuster and a festive favorite.