Adam Sandler’s New Movie Hits Netflix This Week

Adam Sandler

Halloween is a lot of people’s favorite holiday and Adam Sandler is one of Netflix’s biggest draws, so when you put the two together, success is virtually a foregone conclusion. Indeed, every single Sandler vehicle that arrives on the streaming service inevitably cracks the Top 10 most-watched list, and his last effort Murder Mystery became one of the platform’s most popular original movies ever, with Hubie Halloween looking to follow suit when it lands next week.

None of his output ever receives much in the way of critical acclaim, of course, but when it comes to convincing subscribers to watch his latest comedy, Sandler on Netflix is virtually bulletproof. Although some folks are wary that Hubie Halloween could see the 54 year-old make good on his threat to produce the worst movie in history if his dramatic turn in Uncut Gems was snubbed at the Academy Awards, millions of paying customers are going to check it out regardless.

The latest from the prolific Happy Madison Productions outfit ropes in plenty of previous collaborators, too, with director Steven Brill helming his fifth Sandler movie, while co-writer Tim Herlihy receives his twelfth credit on the leading man’s filmography as he continues his long-running association that dates back a quarter of a century.

None of the footage we’ve seen so far has promised a deviation from the standard formula that he’s been rigidly adhering to for over two decades other than being set during the spookiest time of year, but Hubie Halloween will no doubt capitalize on both Adam Sandler‘s massive popularity with subscribers around the world and their love of Halloween itself to dominate Netflix’s most-watched list for the rest of the month at least.