The MCU’s A-Force Assembles On Awesome Promo Art

Marvel-MCU-Female-Team-Up-Valkyrie-1 (1)

Ever since Avengers: Endgame gave us that epic scene of all the MCU’s female heroes teaming up to face Thanos, Marvel fans have demanded an all-female team-up movie, maybe based off the A-Force team from the comics. We’ve had no official news on the subject since Endgame came out, but the studio definitely knows that it’s what we all want. Case in point: a Marvel Studios 2021 calendar will soon put the heroines of the franchise in the spotlight.

This leaked promo art for a 12-month calendar labelled “Stronger Together” features what we’ll call the A-Force lineup who featured in that Endgame scene. From left to right, you have Mantis (Pom Klementieff), Okoye (Danai Gurira), Shuri (Letitia Wright), Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Wasp (Evangeline Lilly), Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Rescue (Gwyneth Paltrow), Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen).

Though we’re still waiting on an A-Force film to be announced, at least we know nearly all of these characters will be back in the MCU before too long. Okoye and Shuri will return in Black Panther 2, Gamora, Nebula and Mantis will appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Carol Danvers will lead Captain Marvel 2, Hope Van Dyne will be in Ant-Man 3 and Valkyrie’s coming back in Thor: Love and Thunder. 

The one who’s first due to show up on our screens though is Wanda Maximoff in Disney Plus’ WandaVision miniseries, which is supposed to arrive this December but may be delayed. Olsen will then return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She’s not featured here, but remember, Scarlet Johansson’s back as Black Widow in her own movie this November as well.