After Cloud Atlas: Five Upcoming Sci-Fi Adaptations To Look Forward To

5. Robopocalypse

Even if you can’t pronounce the title on your first try, fear not, you’ve got time to perfect it by 2014 when Robopocalypse is due to arrive.

A novel with the futuristic machinations of The Terminator woven around a human adversity parable, Robopocalypse is to be Steven Spielberg’s next project. With a script written by Drew Goddard based on Daniel H. Wilson’s book, the story examines the looming demise of humanity in the midst of an apocalypse which we can assume to be an actual possibility, as Wilson has a PhD in Robotics.

In the story, the world as we know it is commandeered by a snooty sentient computer called Archos who delegates the task of ending the human race to a host of differing ‘bots now utilised for day-to-day activities. The plot unites people across all demographics who forge squads worldwide. In forming the resistance and enabling a rich spectrum of casting choices, it’s likely they’ll all probably be played by white Americans.

A flurry of casting news arose last month even though Spielberg’s initial announcement landed two years ago today. Chris Hemsworth has been tagged as the lead, Anne Hathaway was rumoured to be joining and apparently Spielberg has got his eye on Ben Whishaw to play tubby hacker, Lurker.

Robopocalypse is set to start shooting next year with a release scheduled for April 13th, 2014.

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