Alden Ehrenreich Hasn’t Watched Any New Star Wars Titles After Solo

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Despite the fact that Solo was Disney’s biggest box office flop after taking over Star Wars in 2012, main star Alden Ehrenreich somehow captured almost everything we loved about Han Solo in the first place.

If we’re talking about numbers alone, though, a sequel is highly unlikely at this point. Disney’s tenure in the world of that galaxy far, far away has been nothing short of tumultuous, to say the least. And while fans still debate the penultimate and final movies in the Skywalker Saga, I think everyone will unanimously agree that Solo was a mediocre adventure flick. In fairness, though, the Mouse House has had some redeeming acts. The first season of The Mandalorian debuted to universal acclaim and the seventh and final season of The Clone Wars gave fans the satisfying ending that they had been longing to see ever since the show came to a premature close in 2014.

As for Ehrenreich, the actor says that he’d love to reprise his role, but apparently, he isn’t a massive fan of Star Wars when it comes right down to it. In a recent interview with Esquire, they asked if he’d seen The Rise of Skywalker. After a brief pause, the actor revealed that he hasn’t. But he must have seen The Mandalorian, right? No one can miss out on Mando and Baby Yoda. Well, when asked, the star seemed to have a hard time remembering the show’s name. “The Mandalorian, that’s what it’s called?” he asked.

While that must be a bummer for his fans, we have got to hand it to the Beautiful Creatures star; Harrison Ford would be proud of this nonchalance towards the franchise, something that he himself has demonstrated over the past 40 years.

Still, if reports from last year are anything to go by, Ehrenreich might be back for a future Star Wars project eventually.