Alec Baldwin Back In Rock Of Ages

Just days after Alec Baldwin reportedly dropped out of Adam Shankman’s film adaptation of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages, he is officially back in the production which begins shooting on May 23rd.

Deadline gave us the details on what actually went down with the actor and his alleged departure from the project. Baldwin had spoken to New Line Cinema boss Toby Emmerich revealing that he had a recently discovered medical condition that was expected to be resolved so he could do the film, but later that same day the actor asked if the studio could replace him “if at all possible”.

Due to Baldwin’s commitment to the film though, and it being nearly impossible to properly recast such a crucial role, one which has a big musical number in the film, this close to shooting, Emmerich’s boss and head movie chief at Warner Bros. Jeff Robinov held onto the actor, demanding that he do the film and refusing to put production on hold which would affect the rest of the actors.

I for one am glad to see that Baldwin is back in Rock of Ages, but I do hope that his medical condition won’t cause any serious health problems that could only be increased by the strenuous work of not just a film, but a full-blown musical. A rock ‘n’ roll musical no less. Baldwin did show up for the full run-through in Miami though, so hopefully all goes well and stays on schedule with him staying healthy.