6 Alternative Christmas Movies To Watch This December

Life of Brian

There’s something about movies that is synonymous with the holiday period. Maybe it’s the idea of families gathering together to share stories, or maybe it’s the idea of families gathering together and wanting an imaginative escape. Whichever rings true, there is always the need of a festive watchlist.

People have been making Christmas movies ever since people began making movies – allowing their stories to unfold on celluloid, reinforcing all those merry themes of sharing and forgiving and loving and being grateful. We’ve had so many of them, that some are now classics of the festive season – for example, It’s A Wonderful Life, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooged or even Sleepless In Seattle.


We also have those that might be considered somewhat ‘edgier’ Christmas film fare, but are still rolled out, year after year – such as Gremlins, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Lethal Weapon, Batman Returns, Bad Santa, Elf, Trading Places, Ghostbusters or Bridget Jones’ Diary.

There comes a point, however, when even the ‘edgier’ Christmas movies become standard viewing. Make no mistake – they are classics for a reason – but sometimes, that watchlist needs to be updated, revised and given a jolly good shake-up. There’s always room for old favourites and tradition, but giving a little time to films that are truly alternative Christmas fare can lead to a much more fulfilling festive season.

Here, then, are six real alternative Christmas movies for us all to enjoy.