The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise Won’t Show Venom Until The Already Announced Origin Film


With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 less than a week away, producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach have been keeping busy running the typical press rounds throughout the country.  Since they’re building an entire universe around Marc Webb’s highly successful franchise reboot, questions are coming in about all sorts about future Spider-Man sequels, an announced Venom stand-alone project, and their villain centric entry introducing the Sinister Six. Since I was lucky enough to snag an exclusive interview with the two, I tried to answer as many questions as possible.

*No spoilers, don’t worry.*

After seeing The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the biggest question mark for me surrounded Eddie Brock aka Venom. To this point, throughout the first two films in this new, darker franchise, there’s been no mention of the reporter turned anti-hero, and while we’ve been teased with mechanized versions of Rhino, Vulture, and Dr. Octopus (the latter two as Easter Eggs), we haven’t seen any teasing of Spider-Man’s Symbiote frenemy. Some sites previously reported a post-credits scene would introduce us to Venom, but I can confirm this isn’t the case. Eddie Brock still remains a ghost and Venom is nowhere to be seen, but we have to assume he’ll be showing up shortly – no?

Trying to extract as much information as possible, the producers described what makes Venom such a unique and compelling character (which you can read about in my upcoming interview), but they also confirmed that we won’t be getting a true glimpse of Venom until his spotlighting feature.

Here’s a snippet of what they said:

Matthew Tolmach: The beginning of [Venom] is going to be the beginning of that movie…

Matthew Tolmach: It’s a little bit of a spoiler to know at what moment you’ll first see him, because as you know we’re very actively making three more movies, but all at the same time. The fun of that for us, and the audience, is going to be who shows up when and where. Do we establish someone first, do you see them in their own origin – that’s what we’re playing with. Having said that, he’s such a complicated, important character, we feel he absolutely deserves his own movie.

WGTC: So we’re really going to get our fist bite of Venom in his stand-alone origin film?

Matthew Tolmach: Our first big one, yeah.