Amber Heard Admits To Smashing A Door Into Johnny Depp’s Head

Pirates of the Caribbean Depp

New audio recordings obtained by The Daily Mail include Aquaman actress Amber Heard admitting to smashing a door into ex-husband Johnny Depp’s head and punching him in the jaw.

The recording was played during a 2016 deposition in the midst of the couple’s divorce, but it has not been made publicly available until now. Heard claims that slamming Depp’s head in the door was unintentional, but she openly admits to punching him in the face. Even so, she says that his reaction was dramatic and that the tape misrepresents the situation.

In the audio clip, Depp can be heard saying:

I then stood up, I don’t even know if I said – I mean, I might’ve said like, what the f*ck, you know, whatever. Cause I’d just been hit in the head with a f*cking corner of the door.

Heard apologized, confirming she punched Depp, stating:

I just reacted, and I’m sorry. It’s below me.

This isn’t anything new for the couple following a bitter 2016 divorce that has had long-lasting ripple effects for both of their lives. Heard has stated that both actors were abusive throughout their messy marriage, but the overwhelming majority of evidence so far seems to indicate that she was the instigator of multiple physical altercations that led to Depp feeling unsafe in their relationship. Court documents have surfaced that say she even went so far as to defecate on Depp’s bed and has repeatedly punched him in the face, and previous audio leaks have heard her say that she felt that she couldn’t control herself.

Heard has seen overwhelming backlash as mounting evidence of her abusive tendencies continue to paint her as the villain, and petitions to replace her in Aquaman 2 and end her career as a spokesperson for cosmetics company L’Oreal have garnered quite a lot of support. That said, none of the allegations seem to be enough to convince Warner Bros. or L’Oreal to take action against her.

Time will tell how Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s ongoing dispute will ultimately pan out, but here’s to hoping things settle down for them soon.