Amber Heard Reportedly Still Talking With WB About Solo Mera Project

Amber Heard

It was touch and go there for a while, but Amber Heard looks set to reprise her role as Mera in Aquaman 2. In the face of online backlash against the actress, including a petition for her to be fired with over 2 million signatures, there’s been a lot of speculation that Warner Bros. would replace Heard in the DCEU going forward. However, the Justice League star just confirmed that she’s gearing up to start shooting the sequel on social media.

Tipster Daniel Richtman, meanwhile, recently claimed that Heard managed to successfully fight her case and retain her place as the franchise’s female lead. What’s more, he’s now shared another rumor which points to the actress hoping to get her own spinoff as Mera. This is something that’s been floated before, and the scooper says that Heard is still discussing the option with the studio and trying to make it happen.

A few months ago, this same source explained that the actress was in talks with WB to star in a Mera TV series that would end up on HBO Max. We know that the studio is keen to expand the DCEU onto streaming, similar to what Marvel’s doing on Disney Plus, and likewise mining the Aquaverse for more would be smart after James Wan’s 2018 movie earned over $1 billion at the box office. Mera’s also a character with a long history in the pages of DC comics, so she’s definitely got the status and the source material to fuel her own spinoff.

But the studio has so many DC projects on the go right now that it’s hard to tell which ones will actually make it to the screen and which won’t. We’ll have to see how Aquaman 2 performs first, but it does look like Amber Heard could have a bright future as Mera.