Amber Heard teases her ‘Aquaman 2’ return as Mera with new photo


Rumors and reports have been making the rounds for a very long time now that say Amber Heard isn’t going to return for Aquaman 2or that she will, but her role will be reduced from what it was supposed to be. However, the Mera actress has already stated on several occasions that she’ll indeed be back to play the female lead in the sequel and now, she’s confirmed it once more with a new behind the scenes photo.

Taking to her Instagram account this week, The Stand star shared the below pic along with the following caption, which makes it pretty clear that she’ll be seen as Mera again when James Wan’s follow-up hits theaters on December 16th, 2022.

Before Aquaman took the last pages out of this book #gettingakindleforaquaman2 @prideofgypsies @aquamanmovie

So, those hoping that Warner Bros. may have cut ties with the actress might be disappointed, with all the signs pointing to her not going anywhere. And with allies like DCEU architect Zack Snyder, Wan and star Jason Momoa all said to be on her side and supporting the actress, she’s probably set to stick around for a while.

Still, like we mentioned above, there’ve been reports that say her role won’t be quite as big as it originally was, with WB keen to minimize her presence in the film as much as possible due to the controversy she tends to generate online. Of course, we likely won’t find out the truth behind all this for some time, as the sequel is a ways off yet, but with Aquaman 2 gearing up for production now, hopefully we’ll start to learn a bit more about just how heavily Amber Heard will be involved.

Tell us, though, are you looking forward to seeing Mera in the follow-up? Let us know down below.