Amber Heard Says The Last Six Months Have Been The Best Of Her Life


Amber Heard is riding high. She’s reprising Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, came away looking good after the London legal battle launched by ex-husband Johnny Depp, and is in demand as an inspirational speaker on domestic abuse. But all that pales in comparison with her obvious happiness at being a new mother.

A few days ago she posted an image of herself and her six-month-old daughter Oonagh on Instagram, saying that she’s been ridiculously happy since she became a mother. Check it out:

She’s right to be happy. Over the last year, she’s overcome not just her ex-husband, but a brutal internet campaign intended to get her booted off Aquaman and ruin her career. There were multiple petitions demanding that Warner Bros. fire her, followed by a blizzard of scurrilous rumors that she’d flunked her physical, that she’d broken her contract, that she’s uninsurable, that her role was being drastically reduced, and so on and so forth.

None of that had any impact whatsoever, with Warner Bros producer Peter Safran saying that the studio simply doesn’t pay attention to online campaigns.

But there may be rougher waters ahead. Depp and Heard are returning to court in Virginia next year, where Depp has launched a $50m lawsuit against Heard for defamation. She’s counter-suing and the case is already taking a number of twists and turns. Depp has scored a few preliminary victories, as Heard failed to get the case dismissed and a judge ruled his legal team can view documents showing whether Heard made the charitable donations she promised to after their divorce settlement.

The Virginia judgment may land at around the same time Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom releases on Dec. 16th, 2022, which has the potential to cause some major drama. Amber Heard isn’t out of the woods yet.