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America Chavez’s powers in the MCU, explained

She's capable of far more than she revealed in 'Doctor Strange 2.'

America Chavez in Doctor Strange
Image via Marvel Studios

America Chavez blasted her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, adding yet another powerful hero to Marvel’s roster.

America displayed a few of her spectacular superpowers over the duration of the film, with a particular emphasis on her ability to punch star-shaped holes through the multiverse. As the film continues to dominate the box office and new fans discover a fresh Marvel face, people have questions about the scope of America’s powers.

America Chavez’ MCU powers

America Chavez - MCU
Image via ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

The MCU’s America has a good amount in common with her comic book counterpart, but — as with most things in the MCU — there are a few variations. She’s younger than she appears in comics, entering the MCU as a young teen — at 14 years old — rather than a more mature teen. She’s also largely unaware of her powers, which really gives Marvel space to flesh her out in the future.

In Multiverse of Madness, America really only displays two powers. Throughout the film, she leans on the — as of yet, uncontrolled — ability to create star-shaped portals through the multiverse, arguably the most dramatic and useful of her abilities.

At one point in the film, America also seems to discover her super strength. Imprisoned on Earth-838 by the Illuminati, a frustrated America nearly shatters her sturdy cell with a single punch. Her awe at this development indicates that, thus far, America is only aware of the one — now two — super abilities.

In comics, however, America boasts several other powerful abilities, some of which may qualify her as one of the most powerful beings currently in the MCU. Assuming the MCU continues to take cues from the comics, fans are set to see America discover several more spectacular abilities.

What other powers might America discover?

America Chavez

On top of her ability to travel the multiverse and her classic superstrength, America also boasts super speed and the power of flight. Eventually, we may see her soaring through the air alongside the likes of Falcon and Ironheart — who will soon join the ranks of the MCU — but she has yet to harness this particular ability.

On top of her super strength, speed, and the power of flight, America is also all but entirely invulnerable. Enhanced durability doesn’t really cover it, considering that America can withstand pretty much the same array of attacks as Superman. She’s invulnerable to bullets and flame, as well as the full-blown vacuum of space. Like Superman, there’s probably something out there that can properly hurt her, but it’s going to take some work.

America’s superhuman strength branches off into the ability to deliver a devastating shockwave with just a stomp of her foot, and her portal creation adds time travel to her ability to traverse the multiverse. A smattering of other bonuses — like a constant awareness of the multiverse at large and the ability to further augment her already impressive abilities — make America quite a force to be reckoned with.

She’s still young, and likely has at least a few more movies — and maybe a Disney Plus series — before she grasps the full scope of her powers, but America may eventually become one of the MCU’s heaviest hitters. As more and more of the OG heroes begin to drop off, it seems that she comes at the perfect time.

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