Andrew Garfield’s Stunt Double Spotted On Spider-Man: No Way Home Set

The Amazing Spider-Man

At this stage, fans are going to be mighty upset if Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield don’t appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, despite neither Marvel Studios or Sony promising us anything of the sort, while reformed spoiler merchant Tom Holland did his best to pour cold water on the speculation when asked directly.

The former big screen Spideys have been so heavily and repeatedly linked with the project that it would be a much bigger surprise at this point if they didn’t show up, especially when the driving force of the narrative revolves around the idea of the multiverse. There’ve been plenty of set photos leaked online, but none of them have revealed any potential surprise guests as of yet, despite literally dozens upon dozens of names having been floated as a possibility.

However, social media sleuths picked up on a breadcrumb trail that once again makes a strong case for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man appearing in No Way Home. William Spencer, who was Garfield’s stunt double on both of The Amazing Spider-Man movies, posted a video on Instagram that showed him hanging around on a movie set.

While that’s pretty flimsy on its own, the real meat of the story comes from the fact that he tagged fellow stunt performer Greg Townley, who doubled for Tom Holland on Homecoming and Far From Home. Not only that, but once it started to gain traction online, Spencer deleted the post, though as you can see below, the internet never misses a beat.

That’s about the most concrete indication we’ve had that at least one of the former Spideys is set for Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Spencer is no doubt fearing for his life from Marvel’s army of snipers now that he may have given the game away.