Aquaman 2 Fans Freaking Out Over Ripped Patrick Wilson


Jason Momoa recently revealed the first look at Arthur Curry’s new costumes that he’ll be sporting in next year’s blockbuster sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but the leading man surprisingly wasn’t the first member of the cast to show off their ripped physique.

Instead, that honor has fallen to Patrick Wilson, who’s clearly been hitting the weight room in preparation for his return as the deposed King Orm. It would be an understatement to say the image has gone down a storm with fans and non-fans alike, but it raises an interesting question; has the actor always been this jacked?

Wilson tends to play relatively stuffy characters fond of wearing suits in movies like The Conjuring franchise, The Commuter, Stretch, The A-Team and more, while he was squeezed into Orm’s form-fitting Atlantean duds the last time out. Whether it’s a new thing or not, you can check out some reactions to the 48-year-old’s bronzed torso below.

The chances are now high that Momoa will be forced to retaliate given that he’s spent the majority of his career shirtless because the leading man can’t let the bad guy steal all of his thunder. The race is now on to see who can generate the most thirst among the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom cast. Your move, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.