Armor Wars Rumored To Set Up West Coast Avengers Movie

Don Cheadle

Kevin Feige confirmed years ago that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would eventually start building towards Young Avengers, and there are no less than ten members of the team either established or on their way to the franchise throughout Phase Four.

The core lineup of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will also be assembled again, just not for a while according to the company’s Chief Creative Officer, but there’s still plenty of squad-based shenanigans on the way via Eternals, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Marvels and Fantastic Four.

However, a new rumor claims that Disney Plus series Armor Wars will lay the foundations for West Coast Avengers, using the legacy of Tony Stark as the catalyst. As you can see below, countless characters with a direct connection to the dearly departed Iron Man are speculated to form the basis of both the connective tissue and the lineup.

Ty Simpkins said he’d love to return as Harley Keener, Paul Bettany has some ideas about where Vision could go next, and Gwyneth Paltrow admitted she’d be game to play Pepper again as long as it only took up one or two days of her time. The introduction of Zeke Stane in Armor Wars would be another nod towards the very beginnings of the MCU, so a lot of the information stacks up against things we’ve heard, even if it remains strictly in the realm of hearsay for now.