Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Touching Photo To Honor Stan Lee


Arnold Schwarzenegger is among the many celebrities who’ve paid tribute to Stan Lee after the legendary comic book creator’s recent passing, with the action star taking to Twitter with a photo of himself and the late writer both looking pretty happy.

The Terminator actor captioned his image with some thoughts on Lee’s legacy and the people he inspired:

“Stan Lee created more legends than any of us can count, but his own life was the greatest story he ever wrote. He inspired billions around the world, including me, and I was honored to know him.”

Though Schwarzenegger’s career holds few connections to the Marvel brand, he and Lee did make plans back in 2011 for their own animated show and comic book franchise titled The Governator.

The premise of this project was that it would be a fictionalized account of Schwarzenegger’s life, which would see the former politician fight crime after stepping down from his role as Governor of California. For better or worse, production on the show was halted due to the scandal at the time around Schwarzenegger’s affair.

Of course, the Predator lead hasn’t been the only action star to commemorate Lee’s memory in these past few days, with Dwayne Johnson taking to Instagram with a photo of himself and the late publisher, along with a caption commenting on how Lee’s “imagination and universe creation impacted generations around the world.” Jason Momoa of Aquaman fame also shared a video of himself meeting Lee, while praising the figure as “a beautiful man.” Mark Hamill, meanwhile, tweeted that Lee’s “contribution to Pop Culture was revolutionary & cannot be overstated.”

These are just a few excerpts from the ongoing flood of messages reflecting on Stan Lee’s life and work, and though the legend himself is no longer with us, it’s clear that he left an impression on countless people that he met.