New Avatar 2 Set Photo Teases The Humans At War


James Cameron most likely doesn’t have a problem with the deluge of images that have been making their way online from the set of Avatar 2 since it became the first major production to resume operations following the Coronavirus pandemic. And that’s because it’s virtually impossible to gather any plot information when the mega budget sequel is so reliant on motion capture to bring the world of Pandora to life.

The Terminator director’s mere involvement guarantees that there’s going to be plenty of groundbreaking and innovative technology used to ensure that the pic is a massive step up from the original, which remains perhaps the single most immersive theatrical experience ever. The story may have failed to hold up to scrutiny on repeat viewings, but Avatar was clearly designed to be seen on the big screen, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that watching it in your living room isn’t quite the same.

That being said, even by his own impossibly high standards, Cameron needs to deliver big time, with the studio shelling out a reported billion dollars for the three follow-ups. And while he may have publicly congratulated Avengers: Endgame for stealing Avatar‘s crown as the highest-grossing movie in history, you just know he’s privately desperate to reclaim the top spot having held it for over two decades after consecutively helming Titanic and then the aforementioned sci-fi epic.

Production on the sequel continues to move at a steady pace and producer Jon Landau has now revealed a new set photo that offers a rare glimpse of the film’s human contingent as the war for Pandora continues, and you can check it out below.

Avatar 2 is currently scheduled for release in December 2022, and even though shooting seems to be going well, you simply can’t guarantee it’ll make that date given that we’ve only seen two new movies from James Cameron in the last 23 years. Still, we live in hope.