Avengers 4 Theory Says We’ve Already Seen Some Footage From The Film


Just a couple of weeks ago, the internet seemed so confident that the first trailer for Avengers 4 would be coming our way by the end of the month, but now that December is looking awfully close, the fans are starting to have their doubts. But regardless of when this long-awaited teaser finally drops, one user on Reddit has suggested that perhaps we saw a clip from the upcoming film as early as a year ago.

Since Avengers: Infinity War and its still-untitled sequel were shot at the same time, it stands to reason that Marvel Studios had a fair amount of Avengers 4 footage by the time the first Infinity War trailer was edited together. With this in mind, there’s a certain sense to this new theory from TheVincibleIronMan that the trailer released last November might’ve featured a quick glimpse of what’s to come in a shot featuring Hulk and several more heroes running through Wakanda.

Earlier this year, co-director Joe Russo offered an official explanation for this deliberately misleading trailer moment, explaining how they added in CGI like the running Hulk as a means of throwing viewers off their trail. But if the Russo Brothers were willing to deceive us once, surely they wouldn’t be above doing it twice.

As for how likely it is that this particular Wakanda shot could be part of Avengers 4, it’s worth noting that Infinity War ended with the deaths of both Black Panther and Bucky Barnes, and while it’s been widely accepted by now that each of these characters will be returning to the action eventually, that still leaves limited screen time for such a scene to feature. Then again, seeing how it’s another popular prediction that time travel will play a key role in the plot of next year’s release, perhaps we can’t rule out a return to Infinity War’s Battle of Wakanda.

Maybe this is all a bit of a stretch, but we’ll find out for sure when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.