Sources Confirm Avengers 4 Trailer For December


November 29th, 2017 is a day long remembered by MCU fans, as it was on that day when Marvel Studios dropped the incredible first teaser for Avengers: Infinity War, crushing all sorts of records in the process and almost breaking the internet.

It was enough to spark comic book pandemonium online, as Marvelites began to analyze each and every frame in the hope of picking out some story clues relating to the hugely anticipated Marvel mash-up. Fast forward by exactly a year, and impatient moviegoers had been wondering whether Kevin Feige and co. would honor the one-year anniversary by revealing the very first teaser for Avengers 4. It would’ve made sense, but we now know that that’s not the case. And don’t believe all those reports saying that it’ll be here tomorrow, either.

No, despite what we all thought, November will not bring us the first bit of footage from the film. Instead, we’ll now have to wait until December. Speaking to sources close to the studio, We Got This Covered has confirmed that the trailer will not drop on the 30th but will still be with us before 2019. Which obviously means that next month is the last chance for Marvel to release it.

The real cut-off point actually seems to be December 5th, as that’s when the official Avengers 4 prelude comic hits store shelves. For the record, that’s this coming Wednesday, so it’s highly likely that we may have the trailer as soon as Monday or Tuesday. But again, all we can confirm right now is that it’ll be at some point next month.

If one thing’s for certain though, it’s that the fanbase is currently on a knife’s edge, and you can be sure we’ll bring you all the latest Avengers 4 content as time wears on, so stay tuned.