Avengers 4 Directors Refuse To Answer Questions About The Trailer


Just a couple of weeks ago, everyone seemed so sure that the all-important first trailer for Avengers 4 would be dropping before the end of November, and as December 1st looms ever-closer, many fans had been clinging to the notion that today, November 28th, would be the day where the long-awaited preview would finally debut.

Well, today has now come and gone and we still don’t have anything to feast on. In fact, not only do we not have anything to feast on, but during a special screening of Infinity War held earlier tonight, where co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo were in attendance to host a Q&A, they refused to answer any questions about it.

Yes, despite the fact that many people thought the trailer might actually debut at this particular event, the filmmakers wouldn’t even speak about it. As you can see below, Joe had an air horn on hand to prevent any Avengers 4 questions from coming up, ensuring that all talk remained focused firmly on Infinity War.

So, it looks like we’re no closer to learning when the Avengers 4 trailer will drop than we were before. And at this point, it’s probably safe to rule out November as the month that it’ll arrive, too. Assuming Kevin Feige wasn’t lying to us, that just leaves December, since he said it’ll be here before 2019 hits, but when next month it may drop is anyone’s guess at this stage.

As such, the speculation will continue to rage on, but regardless of what does or doesn’t come our way in the near future, Avengers 4 still sits at the end of all this hype, and it’ll surely provide us with some actual answers when it arrives in theaters on May 3rd, 2019.