How Avengers: Infinity War Might Set Up An Eternals Movie For Phase Four


Though Marvel are keeping mum about their plans for Phase Four at present, recent reports have claimed that one upcoming production is an Eternals movie, based on the super-powered alien species that Thanos belongs to. While he didn’t outright confirm that this is on the way, Kevin Feige has admitted that the Eternals are one of many properties being considered for the screen. And, after seeing Avengers: Infinity War, we can now see how they would slot into the wider picture of the MCU.

Apart from the inclusion of Titan, Thanos’s homeworld which was home to one race of Eternals, Infinity War even name-checks a key member of the species from the comic books. When Thanos encounters Red Skull on Volmir, as he searches for the Soul Stone, Captain America’s former enemy immediately identifies him as “Son of A’Lars.” A’Lars is indeed Thanos’ father in the source material. More commonly known as Mentor, he’s the founder of the Eternals colony on Titan.

Furthermore, while we don’t actually get to see any Eternals in Infinity War, we can assume that they’re the same humanoid god-like beings from the comics who strive for physical perfection. This is why Thanos is an outcast from their society, as he’s a Deviant – a mutant strain of the species that are noticeable for their disfigured appearances.

The Mad Titan’s relationship with the Eternals does differ on screen, though. In the film, he’s revealed to have tried to save his people from extinction. In the comics, however, he’s the reason for their destruction.

All that being said, we’re not sure if Thanos himself would appear in the Eternals movie, as Josh Brolin has hinted that his time as the Mad Titan is “finite.” Whether he does or not, though, the character’s ties to the race and the name-check of A’Lars make Avengers: Infinity War the perfect set-up for a film based on the property.

Not to mention that there’s always the chance that Avengers 4 could dig even deeper into all this, as it could well depict some of Thanos’ backstory. I guess we’ll find out next year if that’s indeed the case.