Elizabeth Olsen Previews Scarlet Witch’s Big Infinity War Character Arc


Though she’s spent the past few weeks flirting with the idea of a standalone Scarlet Witch movie, Elizabeth Olsen is confident that Wanda Maximoff will enjoy a strong character arc during Avengers: Infinity War.

In fact, as Olsen told Yahoo Movies (h/t CBM), it’s also her “favorite character arc” in the MCU thus far, as she felt “more confident” and much more comfortable while filming Infinity War over Avengers: Age of Ultron, which marked her first foray into Marvel’s cinematic universe – alongside Aaron Taylor-Johnson, no less, unless you’re counting that post-credits stinger at the end of Winter Soldier.

Via Yahoo:

This is my favorite arc… my favorite character arc. Ultron was really fun because I got to be with Aaron [Taylor-Johnson] and that was also a large story, and twist, but now I feel more confident and comfortable on set.

On a more general note, the actress then told the outlet that Avengers: Infinity War is unlike “any other film” she’s ever done because of its immense scope. And that’s before we even consider the gigantic, near-unprecedented ensemble cast, who were all well aware of “how enormous it was” throughout production.

The question now is whether Scarlet Witch will make it out of Infinity War alive. Whatever the case, the Russos’ epic will be followed by the untitled Avengers 4 next year and a Phase 4 that is drastically different from everything that has come before. Suffice it to say, even though Thanos brings an element of finality to the MCU, Marvel’s universe still has a very bright future to look forward to.

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