5 Lame Avengers That Won’t Ever Appear In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Recently, a little movie known as Avengers: Age of Ultron was quietly released in a couple of cinemas. From all accounts, the film did pretty well. Classic case of “The Little Movie That Could,” right? For the rare few who were lucky enough to see it, Age of Ultron introduced a number of new Avengers, including the one Olsen who can act and that fast guy who was way better in the X-Men movie.

However, as Marvel gears up to continue releasing a new superhero movie every ten minutes or so, things are going to start looking pretty desperate. Sure, the company has decades of material to draw from, but there will come a point soon when audiences need to see more fresh faces and there simply won’t be enough iconic heroes to meet the demand.

We’re only two movies into the Avengers franchise so far, yet the team has already lost powerhouses such as Hulk and Thor in favour of the Bird Guy and Iron Man With Guns. This doesn’t bode well for future instalments. Trust me, I know things.

That being said, at the very least, we’re thankful that none of the following Avengers will ever show up in Marvel’s cinematic universe. Or at least, we hope they won’t.