5 Lame Avengers That Won’t Ever Appear In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

4) The Swordsman


At the risk of giving older readers a heart attack, let me be the first to reveal that the Swordsman does in fact use a sword. Shocking, I know. Despite this astounding skill set though, he is less famous than many of his fellow teammates, which is perhaps the reason why he kept flipping back and forth between hero and villain. Imagine Magneto, except that he’s completely devoid of character.

If you’re still even vaguely interested in finding out more about the Swordsman, just think of him as kind of like the Black Knight, except even lamer, because he doesn’t have a flying horse. Don’t know who the Black Knight is either? The only reason he didn’t make this list is that it’s hard to trash talk anyone who owns a flying horse. That’s about as scientific as it’s going to get here today, folks.