8 Odd Team-Ups We Want To See In Avengers: Infinity War


Although the Thor movies have generally been perceived as the weaker entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the franchise seems poised for a comeback with the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

A big reason for that is the “buddy-cop” feel with Thor and the Incredible Hulk/Friend from Work. It’s not a pairing you would expect, but it looks like a gamble that will ultimately pay off for the film. After all, the team-up trend is a story route that Marvel seems to be capitalizing on a lot lately, with Iron Man featuring heavily in Spider-Man: Homecoming being the other recent example, but it’s a decision that’s grown organically. With the MCU now 17 films deep, it makes sense that these characters would interact with each other outside of the Avengers movies, right?

Because Thor and Hulk make for such an odd couple, we thought we’d put together a list of other off-the-wall pairings that we’d love to see in a future MCU film, like Avengers: Infinity War. We really tried to think outside the box here, and not mention any pairs we’ve already seen, so that’s why you won’t see the likes Hawkeye and Black Widow, Scarlet Witch and Vision, or Rocket and Groot.

With that out of the way, here are 8 superhero duos we’d love to see in the MCU one day. Be it in Infinity War, or even in their own movie.