8 Odd Team-Ups We Want To See In Avengers: Infinity War

Iron Man And Drax

Why It Would Be Great: Tony Stark has the quickest wit and biggest ego out of anyone in the entire Marvel universe, so to pair him with someone who wouldn’t understand any of his jokes or sarcasm would be the most frustrating thing for the billionaire/genius/playboy/philanthropist.

Not only would it be hard for these two to communicate, but their styles of solving problems would cause them to butt heads. Tony always likes to think out all his problems, while Drax is more of a “Destroy everything now, perhaps ask questions later” type of guy. These two couldn’t be more different, and that’s the kind of team-up we need to see in a Marvel film.

The Best Part: Drax, not realizing there’s a real guy inside the Iron Man suit, actually thinks Tony is some type of machine.

Thor And Hawkeye

Why It Would Be Great: Sure, Thor paired with the Hulk is already happening, but with that, you’re really just having two strong guys smash everything into bits. We’re sure we’ll get some human perspective when Hulk turns back into Bruce Banner, but a better choice would be to pair the God of Thunder with Hawkeye.

For years, Hawkeye has taken up a weird place in the MCU. After being under-utilized in the first Avengers movie, Age of Ultron made sure to beef up his part. He was key in commenting on the absurdness of fighting killer robots with a bow and arrow, and it’s that type of tired disbelief that would make him an interesting choice to bring into Asgard’s world of demi-gods and magic.

The Best Part: Stuck in the gladiatorial pits, Thor requests the help of a fellow Avenger. The Grandmaster says he’ll transport someone from Earth. Thor’s hoping for a heavy hitter, but the Grandmaster suddenly brings Hawkeye into the arena without warning, much to Thor’s chagrin and the latter’s surprise.