Awesome Fan Art Imagines Ms. Marvel In The MCU


Last week, we got the exciting news that modern comics heroine Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel will likely be joining the MCU in Phase Four. Studio president Kevin Feige confirmed that there are plans to introduce the character, the first ever Muslim Marvel heroine, once Brie Larson debuts as Captain Marvel next year. That makes a lot of sense, too, as Kamala inherited her name from Carol Danvers.

Now, to celebrate the news, digital fan artist BossLogic has come up with a piece that imagines what Ms. Marvel might look like in the MCU. The costume he’s gone with is very faithful to the comics and the giant fist is a nice touch to remind us of Kamala’s Inhuman shapeshifting abilities, which she often uses to change her size. BossLogic also revealed that he modeled the heroine after Stranger Things actress Linnea Berthelsen.

Check it out below:

Looks great, eh? But just what are the studio’s plans for Ms. Marvel? Well, unfortunately, Feige didn’t reveal much, and he didn’t even specify if the character would be coming to the big or small screen. After all, as Kamala is an Inhuman, she’d fit more easily in the TV side of things, as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced the concept of Inhumans a while back. That said, we’re pretty sure that Marvel Studios is working on a cinematic appearance for the heroine, and you can see why they’ve decided to invest in her.

Black Panther brought Marvel much commercial and critical success thanks to their faith in a movie that championed a non-white superhero, so it seems they’ve taken that on board. What’s more, Ms. Marvel is a teenage superhero, so we could be in store for another coming of age style film, much in line with the popular Spider-Man: Homecoming. Not to mention that Ms. Marvel will also expand the Captain Marvel brand, which will no doubt be a smash hit, too. Clearly, bringing Kamala Khan to theaters should be an all-round win and we can’t wait to see what Feige and co. have planned for her.