5 Awful Film Franchises That Are Inexplicably Successful


1) The Fast and the Furious


Okay, so this is one of the first franchises that I want to put under the microscope here. The Fast and The Furious has spawned (and continues to spawn) more and more movies. They somehow even manage to add bigger stars the later they get into the series. The thing is, though, the franchise just isn’t very good. I am sorry. It really isn’t. It is filled with C-grade actors (the late Paul Walker being the best of the lot) delivering C-grade monologues and a lot of proverbial car masturbation.

But wait, that is the very draw of this series, isn’t it? There are not a lot of car-centric movies made anymore. In the seventies, you could not go one movie without a car chase, and now we never see them anymore. So maybe the success of this franchise make a little bit of sense to me. Car hounds who want to watch car porn. Okay.

But they know the movies are still not very good, right? I mean, a couple of really cool car segment aside, they know that these films are silly and one-dimensional, don’t they? The Fast and The Furious films are basically what watching a real life cartoon is like.

Speaking of a real life cartoons….

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