6 Exceptionally Badass Movie Dragons


Dragons are awesome. I am sure there are countless other ways I could have opened this article, but come on, why dance around a subject when we can just jump right to the heart of it? At some point, someone saw a lizard and thought to themselves: if that thing was huge and could breathe fire, it would be fucking terrifying. And thus, dragons were born.

What is amazing about dragons is, they are never quite represented the same. In some films, you have the dragon as this massive antagonist, tormenting villagers and shit. A sort of “end boss” who seems unbeatable. Yet, in other films, dragons can be the good guys and can even help the protagonist. I think it should also be noted that riding a dragon into battle is about as epic a thing as anyone can do.

Dragons are SO badass that they have transcended their genre. Whereas once, dragons were delegated to the fantasy genre, that is not the case anymore. From animated films aimed at children to dystopian science fiction settings, dragons are no longer solely the dungeon dwellers we once saw them as. Hell, in a few of the following entries, the dragons were the best thing about the film. Well, in most cases, dragons are the high point of anything they are in. They are dragons, after all. Their badassery speaks for itself.

So, from the softhearted and misunderstood, to the feral and terrifying, here are 6 exceptionally badass dragons from movies. Oh, and the only reason Falcor didn’t make the list is because he is an adorable luck dragon who looks like a mix between a dog and Wilford Brimley. That, my friends, is NOT badass.

Cool? Yes. Badass? No. You know which dragons are badass, though….