6 Exceptionally Badass Movie Dragons

Draco – Dragonheart


Sean Connery as a fucking dragon. Again, do I even need to say anything else? I want to take a moment, as I sometimes do, to imagine what the pitch meeting for this movie must have been like…..

“Man, that CG stuff has come really far, huh? *Takes another hit of his joint* We should totally make a movie where we have a giant CG dragon, but we should have it sound EXACTLY like Sean Connery. I mean, EXACTLY. I would say we should just get Connery to do the voice, but we all know the likelihood of that happening.”

Yet somehow, these fuckers got Sean Connery to voice Draco in Dragonheart. Oh, and this was not like one of those times an actor came in and actually disguised their voice or gave it some character. No, this was a giant Scottish dragon.

In all senses, it should have failed. The thing is though, to me, it didn’t. Maybe now when we watch the movie it shows its age, but when it came out, the Sean Connery dragon was a high water mark for cinema dragons, at least up to that point.

Also, for those NOT taking notes, yes, this movie features a giant dragon with a Scottish baroque. How can you even be mad at that?