‘Barbarian’ star talks challenges of preparing for first feature-film role

Image via 20th Century Studios

The horror film Barbarian is now out. It has already made millions, been a hit with critics, and, for one actor in the project who makes their major release debut with it, there were some challenges preparing behind the scenes which required modifications to their body.

Note: As this film has a number of surprises, this article has been written to try to avoid spoilers. Proceed with caution.

Actor Matthew Davis reveals the behind-the-scenes requirements in a new piece published by Slash Film today. Essentially, as his character needed prosthetics for the moments it is on screen, he had to shave his body. Otherwise, the items would not attach. Davis proceeded to do so and says this was something he had not previously experienced in his career, but still had some fun conducting.

“I did Veet my entire body, which was a fun experience that I had never had before, but I asked if I could not shave my eyebrows because he was going to cover them with prosthetics.”

Later in the report, Davis adds the crew wanted his character’s posterior to be seen in the finished product. They then tried to make a cast of his, but it did not ultimately work the way they intended and so things were left up to a piece of small underwear.

“They did experiment with making a cast of my butt during one of the makeup test … I had a weird plastic fake ass but it looked so bad it was just like, ‘We’re just going to have it with a thong.'”

Barbarian currently has a 92 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This assessment – which audiences put lower with a score of 71 percent – comes from more than 100 reviews. Critics say it is smart, darkly humorous and, about all, chilling, too. The movie is directed by Zach Cregger, who first made his name with The Whitest Kids U’ Know comedy troupe out of New York City.