Batfleck Prepares To Face Darkseid On Justice League Snyder Cut Fan Poster

batman justice league

Before Joss Whedon took over Justice League in 2017, Darkseid was supposed to be the main villain in the movie. The director ultimately decided to scrap this idea though and center the story around Steppenwolf, but since the Snyder Cut will bring back all those plot points, we’re excited to see the heroes go toe-to-toe with one of DC’s most iconic villains.

After years of campaigning, we’re finally going to see the long-anticipated Snyder Cut on HBO Max next year. The movie will supposedly incorporate all the elements that Zack Snyder initially envisioned for his version of the pic, too. What’s more, it’ll run for over three and a half hours. That’s plenty of time for the director to redeem the convoluted and messy theatrical cut. After all, one of the things that absolutely ruined the movie for fans was the rushed pacing.

But getting back to things that make us really excited about the Snyder Cut, the arrival of Darkseid will surely shake things up for the Dark Knight, the Man of Steel and the Amazonian Goddess and present them with an even bigger challenge. When it comes to these godlike beings, though, the World’s Greatest Detective lacks the power and stamina to keep up, especially Ben Affleck’s version who’s basically an older Bruce Wayne on the verge of retirement.

That being said, a new fan poster on Instagram shows the Caped Crusader preparing to face the Dark God on his turf and it looks every bit as epic as you’d imagine.

Of course, we still don’t know how Darkseid will make his debut or what his ultimate goal is for that matter. A previous report suggested that he’ll be back to exact revenge after his defeat at the hands of Ares and Zeus, but that remains to be confirmed. Whatever it is that Snyder has planned, we’re sure that Batfleck will somehow manage to hold his own as he usually does.

Tell us, though, are you excited about the arrival of Darkseid in the Justice League Snyder Cut? And what do you expect to see from him in the movie? Sound off below.