‘Batgirl’ set video feature flashbacks with the Dark Knight and a young Jim Gordon

michael keaton batman

A lot of fans have been wondering how Michael Keaton’s Batman fits into upcoming HBO Max exclusive Batgirl, especially when the presence of J.K. Simmons’ Commissioner Gordon would appear to tie the movie to the DCEU canon first established by Zack Snyder.

The Flash will no doubt answer many of these questions when it cracks open the doors to the multiverse in November, but it appears as though Leslie Grace’s upcoming debut as Barbara Gordon will establish that her father has a long-standing relationship with Keaton’s Dark Knight.

A new set video reveals the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Jonah Jameson sporting a wig and mustache combo that ages him down significantly, with Keaton’s Caped Crusader also spotted in the footage. That would indicate we’ll be getting flashbacks to build the dynamic between Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne’s costumed alter-ego, which will then feed into the modern day narrative that pits Grace’s title hero against Brendan Fraser’s Firefly.

It’s all very interesting, and with Batgirl still widely expected to debut before the end of 2022, let’s hope it’s not too long before we see some footage that isn’t surreptitiously shot on a cellphone from a distance to help fill in the gaps.