Michael Keaton suits up in new ‘Batgirl’ set photos

michael keaton batman
Image via Guber-Peters Company

We’ve known for a long time that Michael Keaton’s Dark Knight was poised to show up in Batgirl, the only lingering question is how he ends up in the same universe as Leslie Grace’s Barbara Gordon.

After all, the presence of J.K. Simmons as her onscreen father and Gotham City’s police commissioner would indicate that the HBO Max exclusive takes place in mainline DCEU continuity, after Simmons previously interacted with Ben Affleck’s Batman during his brief Justice League screentime.

Presumably, The Flash will answer that question when it arrives in November, but that doesn’t mean we’re not hyped to see Tim Burton’s Caped Crusader make the most of his unexpected comeback.

Production continues on Batgirl, and after we’d heard reports claiming Keaton would be dropping by to shoot his scenes in February, new set photos reveal the 70 year-old has indeed suited up and reported for duty, as you can see below.

The more we see and hear from Batgirl, the stranger it seems that Warner Bros. and DC Films are limiting the project to a streaming release, especially when Blue Beetle was pulled from HBO Max and awarded a theatrical release date, with the longtime fan favorite’s solo debut shaping up to be a huge addition to the franchise.